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Our Story

About Garcia Contracting, LLC

Johnny's extensive construction experience started from the ground up. He started working for his father as a laborer while still in high school. Even then he knew he'd found his calling and worked tirelessly to build his career all the way up to a general contracting superintendent. In his over 20 years of experience, he observed the many ways the process could be improved by simply removing many of the middle men. Johnny's main goal - make sure the project owner is involved, heard, and happy! 

Garcia Contracting LLC was started with the vision of how a company should be run – our customers having a direct relationship with the owner. He takes the time and involves the customer from start to finish to fully understand the concept and financial guidelines of each project, no middle-person involved! Success isn’t measured by the bottom line; it is measured by completing any size project knowing each customer’s vision has been realized.

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