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General Contracting 101 - Tip #6 Cheaper isn't always the cheapest

Missing Puzzle Piece

During one of our last posts we discussed when obtaining a construction quote you should request a full quote breakout. This helps to identify where you may be able to reduce cost on a project as something may be more expensive than you planned for. However, these full breakouts may help you to also identify what a contractor may have not included in their quote. Why is this important? If a contractor missed quoting specifics you could expect to see multiple change orders, and change orders can add up.

Let's say you decide to go with the cheapest contractor without comparing the quotes you received, but the cheapest was the cheapest for a reason - they left out a few key items. All of a sudden you have change orders coming to your inbox and you are now paying over what the other contractors had initially quoted. While there are some instances where the cheapest bid can be a good deal and they have covered everything you've requested as well as what is required by local building codes, that isn't the case the majority of the time. In short, make sure you are comparing the quotes you receive!

This week's update will revolve around our latest new steel building being erected in Cheyenne, WY! Take a look at the latest progress:

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See you next week!

Mandy & Johnny

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