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General Contracting 101 - Tip #5 YES you should consult with an architect!

Architect Drawing

We are sometimes asked if an architect is necessary. While it isn't always required, it is almost always recommended to at least consult with one. For example, we wouldn't suggest reaching out to an architect for a dog house, but we would recommend one for a new build or large remodel.

We've mentioned in previous posts when looking for pricing from a general contractor, having drawings in hand help expedite the estimation process. What's even better is if you identify both an architect and a general contractor early in the process, the general contractor can help with pricing at the start of the design so you know what costs are early and often as changes come in.

A few reasons why consulting with an architect is in your best interest:

  • In some instances drawings from a licensed architect are required to obtain a building permit

  • Architects can help to identify items you may not have thought about - for example unintended "dead space"

  • Ensures the contractor you hire is building per the current codes

Have an idea of what to build but don't know an architect? Reach out! We have a couple of architects we can recommend so you can speak with a few different individuals to find one that works best for you.

Custom homes are a perfect example! Here is a custom home which Garcia Contracting built which has a second kitchen and entrance to a separate living quarters in the basement.

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See you next week!

Mandy & Johnny

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