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General Contracting 101 - Tip #2 Request a Quote Breakout

This will be a short post, but an important one! General Contracting Tip #2: Request a Quote Breakout.

During our last tip, we covered what information you should come prepared with when obtaining quotes from general contractors. Obtaining a rough quote to narrow down who you would like to go with is the perfect way to start, but please don't end there! We highly recommend asking your general contractor to break out your quote by specific areas so you know what you're paying for. This may be top of mind for larger projects (a new commercial building or home for example), but it might not be the first thing you ask for when it's a smaller remodel or tenant finish. Note: A contractor may charge you for a detailed quote unless you have a contract signed with them. Rough quotes are normally free of charge.

We'll use tenant finishes as an example here. Let's say you have a space you need updated with paint, plumbing and new workstations. If the contractor doesn't provide you the cost break out, ask! Even for our own smaller remodels we still provide a breakout of each area as well as detail what our own fee is. Its only fair you know exactly what you're paying for.

As promised, this was a short tip! However, we have the perfect photos for the example above. All of the photographs for this project are still being processed before a video can be composed, but here is a sneak peak - one of three Great Clips updates! An interesting fact on these three tenant finishes is that each location has to be completed in one week from stat to finish, all while the business remains open for most of the week! That's right. We're working while the business remains open. Here is a teaser before and after photo of one of the three locations we are in the process of updating. The first photo is before we started the remodel and the second photo is after we've almost completed all work.

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See you next week!

Mandy & Johnny

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