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Garcia Contracting's first General Contractor 101 blog post!

When Garcia Contracting LLC was started our main goal was to be able to help whomever we can. Part of this will now be posting weekly tips you can use when researching and selecting a general contactor for your next project. We will also end each post with a note on what we have been working on lately!

General Contracting Tip #1: Have you ever had a construction project in mind, but trying to get a quick estimate has been an issue? Being prepared with the information below will help you to expedite the rough estimate process:

  • Is it a remodel of an existing space or something new (add-on or new building)?

  • What is the total square footage of the existing and/or new space?

  • What types of areas are needed (bathrooms as an example)?

  • What type of finishes are you looking for (Amazon vs. Specialty Stores as an example)?

  • Will any outdoor areas need to be addressed (landscaping)?

  • Will you be supplying any materials (mostly applies to commercial work - think franchise requirements)?

This list is just to get you started. What's even better is if you have plans in hand! Even starting with a sketch of the area and what you're looking for on a napkin will take you far.

BONUS: If you have already been in touch with an architect and/or civil engineer you are ahead of the curve! Having this information ahead of reaching out to a general contractor will not only speed up the time it takes to get you an estimate, but the estimate will also be a lot more accurate.

Something else to keep in mind - if you have a quote from a general contractor but wait to reach out to get them on board by even a couple of months, don't rely on this quote price sticking. Unfortunately material prices fluctuate sometimes on a weekly basis. If you decide you need to wait another year to have the work started make sure to budget the time to obtain another quote as the prices will have changed since your original estimate.

As promised, here is an update on one of our projects, and it's a big one. We just completed a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Cheyenne, WY! With how much Cheyenne is growing, it didn't take long for the owners to lease this space. Take a look at or latest video of the completed space:

Are you looking for a general contractor now for your next project, submit an estimate request here and we'll get back to you within just two business days!

Like the information in this blog? We hope so! If you do, subscribe by clicking the link at the top of this page.

See you next week!

Mandy & Johnny

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